Mobile Catering | Backyard BBQ's

BBQ’D Productions is your full service events company.

We specialize in backyard BBQ’s for any and all events, from weddings, birthday parties, graduations, holiday parties, picnics, company events or picnics. We also have contacts for the planning stages, DJ services, Photography services, videography services, as well as party supplies. Don’t let your next BBQ be a huge production, make it a BBQ’d Production.Give us a shout, we would be glad to help.

Founded in 2009 following a layoff from the local police department, Kris Schoenberger created BBQ’d Productions after having a cookout at his house with his friends and family.  Kris had over 100 people at his party, and was cooking up a storm, when his good buddy Taylor Murray asked if he could cook all the food for his wedding, which was going to be a Beach Front Cookout.  Kris agreed to the challenge, and cooked, prepared, and served over 200 guests at Taylor’s wedding.  Wedding Guests enjoyed the service, and food that Kris prepared, and asked for cards for future events.  Kris handed out his Cards for his full time job, and within weeks, was receiving calls for other caterings.  Kris bought 1 small grill, and some minor utensils.  Within a year and a half, BBQ’d Productions unfolded and became the company it is today.

One full Mobile Catering Kitchen trailer, and 7 employees, BBQ’d Productions believes in giving back to the consumer, the community, and fellow Americans.  BBQ’d Productions cooks numerous events around the area for charities, fundraisers, and in Fall of 2012, packed up the trailers with food, and beverages and went to the Disaster Zone of Hurricane Sandy.  Within 4 days, BBQ’d Productions and the crew served 5000 hot meals, and dropped off 10,000 pounds of food for Sandy Victims which was organized with the help of other local businesses and organizations.